Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora, & Genki Horiguchi Vs. Don Fujii, Shun Skywalker, & Yuki Yoshioka: 2.5 Stars

        This match was just a pretty decent opener tag match, much like you would find in New Japan. You get some of the youngsters of Dragon Gate really progressing here, which is cool, but it didn’t have too much to look for. It is skippable, but not a must-skip match.

Big R Shimizu Vs. Takehiro Yamamura: 4.5 Stars

         This match was just great. Finally Yamamura gets a chance to shine, and against a very underrated individual, Big R Shimizu. Shimizu definitely has a future, but he never gets the recognition he deserves. He put on a great match with Takehiro Yamamura, and after a second Shot-put Slam, the bell rang and the match ended in a draw. After so many amazing strikes (mainly chops and kicks) and submissions, Yamamura somehow survived this amazing match with the future of Dragon Gate, Big R Shimizu. The guys were so over, especially during the handshake, and they deserved the admiration.

Dr. Muscle & “Brother” Yasshi Vs. Ryo Saito & Jimmy Kanda: 1.5 Stars

        Probably the least entertaining match on the card, not just because of its disqualification attempt. When I saw a Flying Headbutt miss in this match, I was definitely concerned, since that can do serious damage to the head and the brain, but you put a lot on the line for wrestling, and I respect anyone who does it willingly. This match had sub-par wrestling and barely any reaction from the crowd. It was short, and it had a meh finish. Overall, it was below average.


CIMA, Dragon Kid, & Eita Vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Kzy, & Yosuke Santa Maria: 3.75 Stars


    This was a really good multi-man tag match for sure. The breakout for me was Kzy, and I feel like he could do a lot of good work in the future. I know he just lost weight, but the only problem for me is he looks like he would be a lightweight even in the cruiserweight division. The look might hold him back, but I hope not. CIMA definitely shined as well, as always. Now, I wanted to take a second to talk about Yosuke Santa Maria. That gimmick of being a transgender is just so bad. I really don’t like the gimmick, just because it feels so out of place in a more serious match. This match was intense, but Santa Maria brought it down for me.


Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, Cyber Kong, & El Lindaman Vs. Naruki Doi, Ben-K, Big R Shimizu, and Takehiro Yamamura: 4.5 Stars

This match was great. The mystery partners being Yamamura and Shimizu, who were over as hell, really was a sight to behold. The action throughout was fast-paced and intense, and it felt like a match worth watching. The ending sucked for sure, but I’ll accept it because from the opening bell and the brawling on the outside onward, this match had good action from everyone who participated.

YAMATO Vs. BxB Hulk: Open The Dream Gate Championship: 3.75 Stars

          So I really liked this match. YAMATO beating BxB Hulk to retain his title was good, and there was some great action in this match. The only disappointment for me is that the main event title match wasn’t even the best match on the card. This was really a good outing by both men, and I’m completely fine with these two being main-eventers. YAMATO is really good, but it seems that he doesn’t mesh well with many opponents. Hopefully, he finds the right opponent and puts on an insane match.

OVERALL: 4 Stars

         This show was really good. Dragon Gate put on some amazing matches, and they deserve the credit they get for everything they did on this show. The standouts from this were Yamamura, Shimizu, Kzy, and YAMATO. Hopefully these guys lead the future of Dragon Gate and really take the promotion to the next level. I’ve been loving DG lately, and I hope they keep it up.