Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am the Local Hero and your Review Guy, Cameron McDonley with another installment of Match Of The Week, where I select a match from any era and any promotion, and discuss the background of the wrestlers involved, the story behind the match and the overall quality of the match. This time, we take our time machine and travel back to the summer of 1998….

Heatwave 1998

As mentioned earlier, the year was indeed 1998, and it was a hot summer night on August 2nd when two of the most revered, the most feared, and definitely two of the best wrestlers on the planet at this time period had a war in a renegade promotion known as Extreme Championship Wrestling.

On one corner, you had a southpaw from Brooklyn known as Taz who took no prisoners and was not afraid to lock any man in a devastating move known as the Tazmission. He was also surely not hesitant to deliver a bone-shattering suplex, given he was known the world over as the Human Suplex Machine. At this point in his career, the unrecognized FTW Heavyweight Champion was on a warpath, taking out anyone that dared to cross him in his path to becoming ECW Champion and knocking current champion Shane Douglas off of his throne.

And on the other corner, you had one of the baddest heavyweight to ever step in a professional wrestling ring. He was 6 feet 4 inches of walking destruction, and wasn’t afraid to destroy anyone who even looked at him differently. Not only that, he was heavily regarded as one of, if not THE best big man in the business with the power of a tank and the agility of a cruiserweight. He was billed at weighing 390 lbs and was known as the “Beast In The East”. His name was Bam Bam Bigelow, and in his trajectory was an enemy of a faction known as the Triple Threat, which consisted of himself, Chris Candido and the world champion himself, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. If that wasn’t enough to start a vicious, chaotic and out of control feud between these two, the events at Living Dangerously surely did.


At the previous event before Heatwave, Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow were set to do battle over the ECW World Television Championship. What happened at the conclusion of this match was brutality at its highest. The two men fell straight through the ring, causing the match to be ruled a no-contest. The two men continued to feud to the point that their next match at Heatwave 1998 had to be billed as an ECW Death Match. As if the match wouldn’t be any more physical, this hypothetical wrench proved to be one combustible element that this violent match needed to be an absolute instant classic.

Now the stage is set for this contest. Shane Douglas is on guest commentary, the two men stare each other down with the most ferocious intensity you will ever see in a competitor’s eyes and with the rules out the window, plus the stipulation which includes Falls Count Anywhere in the Hara Arena, you have to be certain that this will undoubtedly be a barnburner.

Now watch the match…..

Well this is about it for today’s installment, this is Cameron McDonley, your Local Hero and Review Guy signing off!! Goodbye Everybody!!!