Oh why hello there people of the internet, my name is Dr.Tool. As you can tell when you first open this blog. Anyways, I have a shitty blog to present to you guys today and hopefully you guys will actually enjoy it just like all the content I tend to create during my free time. That free time means that I have no life in the outside world, so why not blog about something I love. So anyways, this is yet another blog presented for Smarky’s League of the Bellands. As you’ve been keeping track, its elimination week and hopefully I do not get booted off this week, which I’m sure will not happen. So anyways guys, that’s my intro, so sit back and enjoy the production of a controversy blog.


What is a Controversy

Well according to my Google machine, it states that a controversy is a disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. Now when controversy comes to mind, it’s one hell of a disagreement between two different parties and possibly it’s never resolved between the two individuals. I personally find the Google machine more smart than i’ll ever be because it knows everything in general and unlike me, I don’t know shit whatsoever. There has been multiple different controversial topics that have gone through the industry and today, i’m here to talk about those topics. Now i’m sure everyone who has done a blog so far has mentioned the Montreal Screwjob, so I want to tell you guys that the Montreal Screwjob will not be apart of my list. Even though it is without a doubt the most controversial topic, but I just wanna skip that since it is remembered so much and focus on the lesser known ones.

Victory Road 2011

Oh brother, you already know what’s coming after mentioning this. So Mr. Jeffery Nero Hardy and his brother made a huge impact in the wrestling world. With their daredevil like maneuvers and taking part in the first ever TLC match with The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. Jeff would have an amazing run in WWE as a singles star as well. Capturing the Intercontinental, Hardcore, European, WWE, and last but not least, the World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff would eventually fall into a drug addiction, and would eventually leave the WWE. Jeff would eventually land in TNA for a second time in his career.

TNA pushed the guy to the moon and was focused as one of their top guys during his run, and at Victory Road 2011, that plan had finally backfired for Brother Nero. Jeff had a World Title match against the “Icon” Sting. Now the thing about Hardy was that he couldn’t even properly walk down the ramp because he was so drugged out. Sting definitly could tell, heck i’m pretty sure everyone could actually tell what was up. Long story short, Bischoff came out and made it No DQ, but wasn’t needed as Sting connected with the Scropian Death Lock and came away with the victory. I believe I was watching the ppv as me being a huge Jeff Hardy fan, and at that moment, he just let me down as being a fan. You never saw Jeff on TV for months following the event, and personally may or may not have been the same after the event taking place.

Brawl for All

Oh God damn WWE, why was this idea ever created. Oh wait, it was Vince F’N Russo’s idea. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s had some good ideas in the past, but this one was without a doubt one of the worst I have ever seen from Russo. Now the Brawl for All was a concept in the WWE to put nobodies against one another in a boxing match. They even had a tournament to determine the winner. You had guys like Marc Mero, Bradshaw, Steve Blackman, 2 Cold Scorpio, Dan Severn, The Godfather, Steve Williams, Bob Holly, and Bart Gun just to name some individuals off the top of my head. The event took place on Raw for a month I believe and everyone one hated the idea. When I say everyone, I mean everyone actually really, really hated the idea. 

The audience attended Raw to watch Wrestling, not Boxing and the audience became pissed, upset for not getting what they wanted as the Brawl for All carried all the way into Wrestlemania 15. Bart Gunn was the unlikely winner as the Head Creative Team were actually trying to get Steve Williams a push in the end, but Gunn knocked the fuck out of him and eventually went on to Wrestlemania 15 to take on Butterbean. Butterbean would knock Gunn out within 30 seconds I believe and that was it after that. So Bart Gunn in return got a boxing match with Butterbean, and was extremely imbarrased. Overall, the Brawl for All caused multiple injuries to the talent and the lack of appeal to the audience made this idea very controversial and without a doubt one of the worst booking ideas of all time.

The Curtain Call

The Curtain Call no doubt easily killed the term “kayfabe.” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had their last WWE Match as they were headed to WWE’s rival, WCW. Their last match was at House Show in Madison Square Garden. As the match got over, real life Best Friends of Nash and Hall, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, came down to the ring and embraced their friendship in the center of the ring. Hunter and Nash were both playing the heel part as Michaels and Hall were playing as the faces. Now face/heels must hate each other while the camera footage is rolling, but that wasn’t the case. Michaels and Hunter both wished Nash and Hall the best into the future and all four men hugged it out. Now Vince was furious at the four men, but really couldn’t do anything about it. Nash and Hall were both on their way out, Michaels was a huge star at the time, and Hunter was the only one left.  Hunter was then punished for years and was put into squash matches and he definitely could have been a forgotten mid-carder, but that wasn’t the case as Triple H finally became a huge star and one of the biggest stars to ever step foot into the WWE.

The Curtain Call in my opinion was the death of kayfabe no doubt in my mind. Now a days, you see kayfabe being broken over and over again by individuals in the world today. Whether the cameras are being rolled, or they’re not. I personally feel like breaking kayfabe is fine so people could socialize with the audience members and the fans of their work. When they’re out in that ring, then you have to stay in character no doubt. Personally, my favorite is Adam Cole. I love the guy to death and is by far my favorite competitor in the wrestling world today, but he doesn’t always keep in kayfabe as he loves to interact with the audience. From experience in that area, I don’t seem bothered by him doing that at all. Cole’s in ring work is fantastic so he can back it up. He’s cocky, arrogant and I personally find that great and probably is the very best when it comes to those areas. I know it seems like I maybe going off task a tad bit, but meh.

The Death of Owen Hart

Now the death of Owen Hart was a tragedy and a wrestling fan cannot forget about this at all. If you do not know the story, then you have to look this up right away. Owen was currently wrestling as his alter ego, the Blue Blazer at the time and at Over the Edge in 1999, he wanted his entrance to be memorable. So Owen wanted to come down from the rafters such as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have done in the past. 

It is unknown what had exactly went wrong, and we may never get to know what had happened. People possibly speculate that Owen caused his 70+ foot fall towards the ring as he may have released his harness to early. Others speculate that Vince had never officially tested the harness out before Owen’s attempt. Well anyways, Owen nearly missed a turnbuckle and collided with the ropes. Owen didn’t die from the impact, but he did die before the night ended, but he died due to internal bleeding. Over the Edge continued that night besides Owen’s match and WWE would pay tribute towards The Blue Blazer on the next night on Raw.

This was definitely a tragedy and even listening to the story makes me emotional and even talking about it as of now gets me a bit wiled up and it’s just sad. We don’t know how the event actually occurred as others like to point the finger at Vince. Owen’s wife doesn’t even want anything apart of the WWE to this day as it took years just to finally get a WWE DVD just on the accident and on Owen Hart in the eyes of others. I truly do miss Owen as if Owen was still alive to this day, we could already see him in the Hall of Fame, or he may have won a world title in the WWE. Just a bunch of what ifs we could have in the wrestling world today.


Well I feel like I can continue with this topic, but i’m running out of time. So I cannot speak much more. So I thank you guys for reading and until next time, i’m Dr.Tool saying peace to my homies of the Wrestling Amino world and to the World Press viewers. So i’ll catch ya’ll later.