ROH 6th Anniversary Show

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your Local Hero, and your Review Guy Cameron McDonley, and I am back with another installment of Match Of The Week, where we take a look back at classic matches from any era, in any promotion and I will talk about the story behind the match, the background of the athletes, and the match itself. This week, we go back in time nine years ago to when Ring Of Honor held it’s 6th Anniversary. A night where two amazing professional wrestlers put on an absolute clinic for one common goal, to prove just who was the best in the world at that time.

It was a cold winter night in New York City on February 23, 2008 when a rivalry that has already spanned two years was about to reach one of the most dramatic and story-driven matches these two men would have in their entire careers for the Ring Of Honor World Championship. The two men competing for this prestigious title were none other than Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness.

Bryan Danielson                      Bryan Danielson was a professional wrestler with a passion for the business. At this stage in his career, Bryan was already a multiple-time world champion in many promotions, including but not limited to PWG, NWA, FIP, ASW and last but certainly not least, Ring Of Honor, as he was a former Ring Of Honor World Champion and Pure Wrestling champion. He had many five star classics with the likes of Samoa Joe, James Gibson, Chris Hero, Naomichi Marifuji, Adam Pearce and many others. However his total counterpart and the biggest rival he ever had in the ring was Nigel McGuinness.

Nigel McGuinness          Nigel McGuinness on the other hand also had a very impressive resume, but carved a completely different path for himself in his career. He too was also a multiple time world champion in other promotions, but most of those championships were in promotions such as Hearland Wrestling Association and his homeland promotions such as 1PW and NBWA. However his biggest success came when he joined Ring Of Honor in August of 2003 and every day since, as he had many classic battles and was a former Pure champion before eventually becoming the Ring Of Honor World Champion on October 6, 2007. He was a brash heel who didn’t care about what the fans or anybody in the back thought when he did anything he wanted to do, including breaking the Code of Honor. These type of actions not only angered many of the ROH faithful, but also his bitter rival Bryan Danielson, as these two were on another collision course, this time at Ring Of Honor’s 6th Anniversary in Hammerstein Ballroom.

McGuinness’ world championship was on the line, and the whole match was centered around how much these two despised each other, which was more personal than the ROH World Championship. Physicality was dished out, blood was spilled, but only one man was destined to walk out the victor.

See this epic contest for yourself……

Well that is it for this installment of Match Of The Week, I will be back later this week to review the ROH 11th Anniversary show. This is Cameron McDonley saying so long everybody!!!